An abortion leaves a mark. Women and men are affected by the aftereffects. The initial relief often turns into grief, hurt and regret. These emotions that sometimes work subconsciously can lead to symptoms like the following when they are being suppressed (often even after years):

• unexplainable head aches and aches in the lower abdomen
• sleep disorders, nightmares
• extreme restlessness
• feelings of guilt, being dirty, condemnation
• longing for death
• feeling numb
• drug and substance abuse
• inappropriate reactions when seeing babies or pregnant women
• uncontrollable desire for a new pregnancy

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SaveOne is a 10-step program based on biblical principles. The study consists of ten 2 hour long classes that take place weekly. The following content is covered in the course:

1. Your source of courage
Confronting your abortion and the related emotions requires courage.

2. What happened to me?
Many women feel shame and regret because of their abortion.

3. Dealing with stray emotions – Part 1
The Post Abortion Syndrome – what it is and what consequences does it have.

4. Dealing with stray emotions – Part 2
Depression – what does it do?

5. Forgiving others
Who was actively involved in your abortion?

6. God’s grace
Who else besides you was hurt through the abortion?

7. Can I forgive myself?
Let the past go, live in the present

8. Renewing your mind
Learn how to break the negative cycle of thoughts.

9. Who is this child?
Accept your aborted child as a person.

10. A woman of courage/ A man of courage
Look forward to the future, don’t be silent and help other women and men in similar situations
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