About us


Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Machold
Deputy Chairwoman Mag. Petra Plonner
Managing Director Barbara Pavelka
Managing Director Mag. Tara Harbeck
General Secretary Mag. Eva Breunig
Deputy General Secretary DSA Walter Steindl
Treasurer Mag. Gernot Steier
Minutes Secretary DI Franz Breunig
Deputy Minutes Secretary Sylvia Seidl

Dr. Wolfgang Machold, Chairman

Mag. Petra Plonner, Deputy Chairwoman

As a teacher who loves her job and mother of three children I have the privilege of discovering and marvelling at the uniqueness of every single child. An unplanned pregnancy can really throw you off course. No one should be alone in this situation. There is always a way – let’s find it together.


Barbara Pavelka, Managing Director

Tara Harbeck, Managing Director

Mag. Eva Breunig, General Secretary

Walter Steindl, Deputy General Secretary

Mag. Gernot Steier, Treasurer

DI Franz Breunig, Recording secretary

Richard Melichar, Deputy Treasurer