About us

What we do

The fundamental purpose of the Österreichische Lebensbewegung (Austrian Pro-Life Movement) is to protect the interests of the weakest members of our society: from the unborn child to the disabled and the elderly people.
The organization is charitable and does not  work for profit and is funded by donations.

In order to fulfill our purpose we use the following means:

Public Relations

• Newspaper “Lebensbewegt”: published quarterly (with news surrounding pregnancy, birth, family policy, developments in society and medicine, as well as real-life stories)
• School workshops, youth work concerning topics such as sexuality, fertility, love, and relationships)
• Monthly newsletter
• Talks, training seminars, conferences


(of course anonymously and free of charge)
• Accompanying and assisting pregnant women in case of an unplanned or difficult pregnancy (support when dealing with official institutions and their forms, conversations with the boss, parents, or the child’s father, …)
• Single or group therapy in personal or familial crises (unplanned pregnancy, unfulfilled desire for a child, miscarriage, relationship problems…)
• Legal and financial counseling relating to children and family
• Single or group therapy for women and men who suffer from emotional wounds after an abortion
• Coordination of the “SaveOne” ministry after abortion ( www.saveoneeurope.org )

Practical help

• baby equipment, baby clothing, diapers
• short-term housing for young moms
• inexpensive child day care for kids (0-3 years old) of single parents in our own day care group “Swallow Nest”
The counselling is anonymous and free of charge. Please call our helpline to arrange an apppointment: +43 (0) 664 2000 466 or +43 (0) 1 408 62 88.

It is our joy to take the time for you!