Adoptive parents

To give up a child for adoption is difficult for any mother. She will only do it if she cannot find any other way. Releasing her child for adoption means to give it the opportunity to grow up with loving, carefully selected adoptive parents. In a time where abortion appears so “easy”, the decision to give up a child for adoption shows selfless love and a lot of courage. She offers a great chance to a couple that doesn’t desire anything more than a child: to become father and mother.
If desired the mother can receive information about the development, health and education of the child and possibly also photos. If a mother decides to let her child grow up with adoptive parents she should already contact an adoption agency during her pregnancy. She can choose between three forms of adoption:

• Open adoption:
The biological mother knows the adoptive parents and knows where her child is living. There may be (but doesn’t have to be) further contact between her and her child.
• Half open adoption:
The mother gets to know the adoptive parents in the course of the adoption process. Afterwards she doesn’t have any contact with the child any more.
• Incognito adoption:
The mother learns a few facts about the adoptive parents (age, profession, length of marriage, number of kids etc.) and she can participate in the election process. Her wishes are being considered but she doesn’t learn about the address or name of the adoptive parents. When the child is of full age he or she can receive information about who their biological mother is. She can agree to establish contact but she doesn’t have to.

Women who are minors, but at least 14 years old, can also give up their child for adoption if they have the permission of their parents. If they have received a grant for their living costs before the birth then they will also receive it afterwards. A staff member of the adoption agency will support you with all the necessary official channels. 

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