Our counselling offices in Austria

You are pregnant and you hadn’t planned it. You are in despair. You are thinking about an abortion. Don’t stay alone with this situation! Please call us. We will help and support you in any way we can, quickly and unbureaucratically.
There are alternatives

We especially offer advice in cases of:

• An unplanned or difficult pregnancy
• Unfulfilled desire for a child
• Loss of a baby (miscarriage, stillbirth, SID...)
• Psychological issues after an abortion (

but also when:

• you are looking forward to your child and you need help and support for any aspects of your pregnancy

Our counselling is anonymous and free of charge!

We are looking forward to your call!

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Mag.a. Zuzana Djokic

Clinical and Health Psychologist
Rasumofskygasse 1/8
1030 Wien
Tel: +43 (0)699/15138295
Everyone’s life goes through processes of change and development. They can often be accompanied by a feeling of being overwhelmed or of not being prepared. An unplanned pregnancy can be such a situation. I am here to support you in finding ways that are in harmony with your life.

Maria Schön

Rasumofskygasse 1/8
1030 Wien
Tel: 01/4086288
As a life coach and grief counselor I know that not everything in life always goes according to plan. Finding out that you are pregnant can require such a change of plans and cause an emotional mess. I am available to answer your questions, to take your fears and worries seriously, and I am looking forward to counsel and walk alongside you.

Verena Schindler, BSc.

Psychotherapist in training under supervision
Raxstraße 28
1100 Wien
Tel: 0680/3066129
An unplanned pregnancy, an abortion in the past, or unwanted childlessness can be issues which make life difficult and which can trigger a crisis or depression. Psychotherapy can be one possibility of receiving help and support especially in those life situations where there is high performance pressure and an additional burden because of other causes, like for example anxieties, burnout, difficulties in relationships, traumas, addictions, or compulsions. Psychotherapy is a long-term curative treatment and “talking about it” is in its center. Through this, new ways and possibilities not yet discovered can be found. New perspectives arise which create expanded scopes of action. Thus, conflicts can be solved and suffering can be eased.


Mag. Petra Plonner

Deputy Chairwoman
Franz-Josef-Str. 9
A-8700 Leoben
Tel: +43 (0)1/408 62 88
As a teacher who loves her job and mother of three children I have the privilege of discovering and marvelling at the uniqueness of every single child. An unplanned pregnancy can really throw you off course. No one should be alone in this situation. There is always a way – let’s find it together.


Ingrid Pernsteiner

Sonnkogel 7b
8600 Oberaich
Tel: +43 (0)676/906 47 64
It always fascinates me deeply to see a baby’s face, without any cares and beaming with joy. A baby is so happy when it is loved and secure yet still so many people decide against these little, wonderfully created beings. We would love to counsel and help you to decide for your baby because no exceptional circumstances are hopeless!

East Tyrol

Claudia Maier

Anna Waldeck Str. 8
9900 Lienz
Tel: 0680 125 47 01
Life in itself is a gift – wonderful and adventurous – even though quite a few challenges and difficulties are part of it. Claudia, mother of three unique sons, works as a masseuse and in counseling.

Sabrina Glettler

Ulrichsbichl 60
9908 Amlach
Tel: 0650/3316535
Sabrina, mother of two wonderful children, is very active in all issues concerning family. Listening to people, supporting them, and finding “the light on their path” is a special joy for us.


Christine Faiella

9523 Villach-Landskron
Tel: 0650/6477992
Unplanned pregnancies can turn your life upside down. No one should try to manage this new situation by themselves. I myself am a child of abortion but was allowed to live and now I am enjoying life to the fullest. As a mother of four children and two grandchildren I cannot walk by a stroller without delighting in the smallest ones. I would be happy to provide advice and help you practically and emotionally.